Rohland De CharmoyRohland heads up the Codeo team. He completed his BSc Computer Engineering degree in 2004 and spent a year with a large corporate consulting firm before joining the Codeo team. Rohland still loves to code and is an avid follower of web and mobile technologies. He works closely with our team to ensure that we are crafting software solutions using the latest standards & technologies.
Andi FriedmanAs a partner at Codeo, Andi oversees management and is responsible for business development relating to Mobenzi. He gained valuable experience consulting on a software project for one of SA's mobile networks after completing his BSc Computer Engineering degree in 2004. Andi has a keen interest in business strategy and the application of technology.
Mark FowlesAs founder and partner, Mark spends most of his time on business development and strategies for internal and client projects. He created his first website in 2001 and founded Codeo three years later while completing a BSc degree in Computer Science and Information Systems. He is passionate about designing user experiences that lead to elegant software solutions.
Pete FowlesAs a partner at Codeo, Pete takes a lead technical role on many projects and is unrivalled in his ability to quickly evaluate new technologies and ideas through rapid prototyping. He is always looking for big problems that need solving and is never afraid of diving head first into new projects. Pete has a BSc Computer Science degree and has been developing web based software since 2002.
Byron Du PavillonByron is our server and networking guru. Surrounded by teams of dedicated software developers, his PC and networking wizardry are in high demand. Byron is part of our dev ops team and looks after our local and cloud based infrastructure. In his free time, Byron will likely be shredding it up on his dirtbike or throwing a picnic for his girlfriend.
Gareth JonesGareth has been working with web technologies since 2002 and has a well rounded understanding of PHP, the Microsoft stack as well as front-end mark-up and scripting. When he's not dominating World of Warcraft or uncovering conspiracy theories and unusual creatures, he's building user-centric web applications with a focus on quick turnaround time.
Shane PillayShane(o Mac) has a National Diploma in I.T and various QA certifications. He has joined Codeo as our QA specialist and has over 10 years' experience in that area. Shane enjoys chilling with the family, music, movies and assisting assisting his church in their I.T needs and outreach ministries.
Jaco LouwJaco has been a Software developer since 2002. He has a diploma in Computer Science, but most of his knowledge is self-taught and gained through experience. He's proficient in C# and .net and he also has a wide range of experience in different industries: mining administration systems, logistics, call centre systems, e-commerce sites and gambling administration systems. Jaco is a big sports lover, especially rugby (huge fan of the Sharks) and he also enjoys playing sports like golf, squash and fishing.
Marcel SmutsMarcel is a software developer at Codeo and has been working in software development since his first year of college. Marcel started programming when he was in high school and went on to study a BSc in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Technology. Outside of work he plays computer games religiously and has been playing music (drums, guitar, bass guitar, vocals) for 13 years. He also can't say no to logic puzzles.
Michelle WalstraMichelle is a UX Designer & Front-End Developer at Codeo. Her passion for design started in high school which led to her obtaining a degree in Creative Brand Communications from Vega. She loves keeping up-to-date with new web technologies and UX best practices, and in her spare time enjoys trying new things and relaxing with a good book.
Charles MadlalaCharles is the latest addition to our server and networking department. He is passionate about what he does and is a team player. He is a man of action and sees himself as a visionary. Charles decided to pursue his career in Information Technology after graduating with a Diploma in IT & Microsoft Certifications. Outside of the office, he loves to spend his free time fixing cars and playing soccer.
Jonathan DrummondJon has experience working in various web technologies since around 1999 - most of these learnt through experience and the changing landscape of the web over the years. Complex back-end systems are his forte, but he is also well versed in front-end technologies. In his spare time Jon enjoys spending time with his family, or being outdoors exploring trails on his bicycle.
Riaan Geyer Riaan has loved computers since childhood. Breaking and fixing his dad's windows 3.1 is where it all started. He started active development around 1999 and loves front end as well as back end complex systems. Spare time wise, he loves board games and building friendly communities around social gaming.
Wandile SheziWandile is the latest addition to our Dev Ops team. He has a diploma in IT and has been a software developer since 2013. Wandile is an avid sports fan and watches everything from soccer, rugby, basketball to tennis. When he's not at work, he enjoys downtime with his friends and family or gaming on his Playstation.
Sarah MillerSarah is our office and finance administrator. Besides admin and finance duties, she makes sure that the office runs smoothly and that the rest of us never go hungry. In her spare time Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors, running, cycling and spending time with family.
Tammy LotterTammy is a UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer at Codeo. She qualified with a BComm degree but soon realized her passion lay within the creative sector. Her career began in 2008 as a Web Designer and she has since built up a wealth of knowledge in her chosen field. In her free time, she likes to swim with sharks, spend time in the sun, play a good strategy board game, and she can tell a GREAT story about almost anything!
Davyd McCollDavyd is a polyglot programmer who has been in the game since around 2001. Mostly self-taught. He has worked with myriad technologies, from the more venerable (VB6, Tcl, PHP, Perl) to the younger: .NET (C#/VB.NET/F#), Python, Ruby and healthy dollops of Javascript, both on the web and in NodeJS. He is mad about open-source, both contributing to open-source projects and running Linux (currently Gentoo) as his primary desktop OS on personal machines. He's nuts about testing and code quality, but in his spare time, he's a father, yogi, gamer, amateur welder and life-hacker. Though spare time is still often code-time!
Grant HurleyGrant is a full-stack software developer who has been coding since 2003. He completed his BSc. degree in 2009, and has achieved a few Microsoft Certifications since then. He has primarily focussed on the Microsoft stack and has fiddled with everything from WinForms to Azure Fabric. His strengths lie in application architecture, database design and web application development using ASP.NET. Outside of work he loves to spend time with his family & friends (usually around a braai) or kicking a ball around the garden with his son.
Darryl Daniel Darryl is a full stack software developer with a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering. After University, realising that interesting jobs in electronics in South Africa were few and far between, he decided that software (which was always a passion) was a better option. He has a passion for great design and all things technology and loves solving complex problems. In his spare time, he and his wife are very involved in their church and also love watching series and going to the movies together.
Octavia MsomiOctavia is our refreshments superhero and has the critical task of keeping developers caffeinated and well hydrated. As well as keeping the office clean and tidy, she memorises everyone’s drink orders and schedules and is famous for her magical Milo chocolate drink. Octavia is also the office Zulu tutor and is regularly asked to translate English phrases into Zulu.