UX/UI Designer

At Codeo, we're creating an environment where world class people master their craft while creating remarkable products that change the world.

We are looking for a new UX/UI Designer to join our design team in Kloof, outside Durban in South Africa. We don't expect candidates to be experts in UX Design, UI Design as well as UI development. But we do expect a broad knowledge of all three disciplines, and deep knowledge of at least one. You'll need 3 or more years of relevant experience.

Unicorns are rare, but they are not fantasy. We know because we have one or two on our team already :)


The focus of everything you do will be towards one of the following two objectives:

  • Identify what a delightful user experience looks like
  • Build user interfaces in-line with these experiences

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Plan and coordinate design projects as a champion for the user.
  • Learn about user needs, business objectives and technical feasibility.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes for experiences that will delight users.
  • Test your ideas and iterate until they're excellent.
  • Design user interfaces that are beautiful, intuitive, and functional.
  • Develop user interfaces that are elegantly crafted and feel magical.

Key Skills

Learning & Thinking

You'll need to be a great learner and thinker to identify what delightful experiences look like.

  • Be smart - Process and synthesise complex information from multiple sources.
  • Be curious - Thirst for learning, always questioning. The more you know, the more value you can add.
  • Show empathy - Get in the heads of users, customers and team-mates.
  • Solve problems - Develop creative solutions to unexpected challenges.
  • Be strategic - Carefully plan your tasks to make the best use of limited time.
Communication & Collaboration

You will constantly be collaborating with team-mates, users and business stakeholders.

  • Simplify - Convey complex information in a simple way.
  • Be a wordsmith - From user stories and specs to micro-copy in the product, words are a key deliverable.
  • Partner - Work closely with team-mates to understand constraints and trade-offs.
  • Be humble - Keep the product in focus. Don't let personal preferences or ego get in the way.
  • Motivate - You'll need to gain buy-in from the team for design decisions.
Creativity & Coding

To create delightful experiences, you'll need to be part artist, part engineer.

  • Think different - Yes you will leverage common design patterns, but also push boundaries.
  • Be inspired - Draw inspiration from the world and be proud of what you create.
  • Don't rush - Consider the long term impact and do things properly.
  • Stay sharp - Become a master of your craft.
  • Focus - Get into a flow state. Create beautiful designs. Care deeply about the details.
Tools & Technologies

Skill/experience in these areas will help you to hit the ground running:

  • Wireframe design on paper or with tools like Whimsical
  • Interface design using Sketch, sometimes Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign.
  • Click-through prototyping with tools like Figma (occasionally).
  • Coding interfaces with advanced HTML and SASS/CSS.
  • Using basic Javascript (We have dedicated coders for serious Javascript work)
  • Using Git for version control


  • Choose your own workstation or laptop
  • Flexible Hours
  • Catered daily lunch (office workers only)
  • Tax return assistance and submission by our accountants
  • Weekly yoga sessions at our offices
  • Dedicated business time to focus on your skills and personal development

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