Elite Mobile

Elite Mobile is a leading cellular contract intermediary specialising in the sale of Vodacom packages.

The company handles the processes involved in upgrading an existing, or purchasing a new Vodacom contract.

Deliverables / Responsibilities

Business Development

  • Fully customised e-commerce portal including design, layout, and coding.
  • Complete web site administration backend for web content management, online and offline order processing, customer relationship management, banking, quality assurance, enterprise resource planning, reporting and site control.
  • Competition and email campaign design.


  • Custom ERP implementation including product stock control and administration.
  • Integration of system with legacy and third-party systems such as the company‚Äôs automated dialer.
  • Batch process design, automation and management.
  • SMS integration for enhanced customer support and additional service delivery. Examples include order tracking and customer interaction.


  • Advanced, on-demand, dynamic and configurable sales and quality assurance reporting delivered via the web based portal.


Web languages and standards including, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, JSON and Flash. SQL, mySQL database design and optimisation. Integration with legacy systems using ActiveX.