Debonairs Pizza

Debonairs Pizza approached Codeo with the type of 'big idea' that our team is really geared towards. The brief was to build a web and mobile online ordering system that would integrate with Debonairs Pizza’s point-of-sales software solution, allowing customers to place delivery or collection orders directly over the internet. Our team collaborated closely with Cosoft, who provide the point-of-sales solution, in designing and implementing the end-to-end system.

Deliverables / Responsibilities

Capturing and tracking orders for hungry customers across several systems and over 250 stores came with its fair share of challenges.

  • System archicture design – the application needed to integrate with the POS provider to facilitate monitoring of store status, synchronisation of menu data and provisioning of orders to stores.
  • User experience design, interface design and implementation across the web application and dedicated mobisite.
  • Integration with social media services and SMS gateways.
  • Implementation of reporting and analytics to drive strategy.
  • Backend and front end implementation and testing.
  • Appliation environment configuration and hosting (Amazon AWS).


Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C), Microsoft ASP .NET MVC, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, LLBLGEN, Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Device Atlas, NserviceBus, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Customer Feedback

Great user experience I love the updated app. It's so much quicker to make orders now. Congratulation to the UX designers and mobile developers for taking in consideration all the needs of the customers ;). This app is pretty much the main reason why I order from debonairs. I am Not quiet sure how you can top this , but I'm looking forward your next update :)

So Easy! I was so impressed at how easy it is to order pizza now! I managed the whole process without interacting with a single person - great! The app even stores my card details for my next order. Really couldn't be simpler!